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User Proximity

Gobzi is built around user proximity. Any time users travel past your business, they will be directly notified of any deals or promotions you actively have!

*All features will be available within the next version of the platform.*

Launch your promotion in minutes.

Ready to reach thousands of new customers at the tap of a single button?

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Unlimited Promotions
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Mass Customer Acquisition
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Enhance Foot Traffic
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Scheduled Promotions
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Gobzi's Top 10 List
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Smart Maps Appearance
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Unique Customer Acquisition

Gobzi is the first app of its kind to utilize user proximity for promotions and customer acquisition. We offer all kinds of features in one easy-to-use app.

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Never Miss a Passing Customer

Our user proximity technology ensures that you will never miss reaching a customer. Your promotion will stay with them on their What's Next page!

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Always Connected

Regardless of what and where your business is active, our Smart Maps organically connects users with activities, restaurants, people, and much more.

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Do less and achieve much more

Creating a promotions is seamless and it only has to be done once. There's no limit to how many customers you can reach. One promotion to thousands of engaged customers.

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More to Offer

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Always Find Parking

Book a parking space directly through our app!

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Sync Your Contacts

Sync contacts from your phone and other applications on Gobzi.

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User Friendly

Clean and easy-to-understand layout for all users.

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Global Accessibility

Gobzi will be accessible for everyone, everywhere.

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