Data Analyst

George Georgallidis

Love all things gaming & computers!


My name is George Georgallidis. I was born in London, Ontario. I graduated from Fanshawe college in 2021 with an Advanced Diploma as a Computer Programmer Analyst. In September 2022, I am hoping to go back to Fanshawe to obtain a post graduate certificate in Game Development. In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games with my friends.


During my studies at Fanshawe, I studied many programming languages such as C++, C#, SQL, Java, Java Script, Python, React Native, React, and HTML. Learning these programming languages has allowed me to be able to create many applications such as phone apps, websites, web applications, and other applications. Starting in September 2022, I am hoping to enroll in Fanshawe’s Game Development post graduate program. As a young child, I enjoy playing video games and I am hoping to learn how to create games through programming in order to gain more knowledge as a Developer.


I hope to continue working with the Gobzi team to make the company’s vision a reality. I am also interested in the video game industry and would like to further enhance my skills to be able to program and develop video games for entertainment.

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