Business Advisor

Feng Chi Wang

I am a tech startup advisor and investor based in Austin Texas. I work with promising seed stage startups and entrepreneurs to accelerate their growth.


I have executive engineering and business experience with building, mentoring and managing geographically distributed software system engineering organizations. Previously: technical co-founder of a company (acquired by AT&T) in production with a secure premium content transcoding and delivery solution for consumer playback on mobile devices with multiple screen resolutions; VP Mobile Development for a leader in cloud-based video surveillance systems; Founder and CEO of a company that delivered Department of Defense UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) MPEG video systems deployed in operational use.


I earned my BS in Electrical Engineering from MIT and MS in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University. Since then I have worked at large defense contractors, major corporations, and multiple startups. Today, I am Managing Director of FCW CONSULTING LLC, and a Limited Partner/Mentor at Capital Factory.

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