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Frequently asked questions

Event Submission

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Step #1 - Navigate to the "Event Submission" page and click "submit event request."

Step #2 - Fill out all the required field's of your event/promotion.

Step #3 - Once you have filled out all the required field's click "Submit". Your event will be up on Gobzi within less than 30 minutes. You may also submit as many events as you'd like, don't be shy!

How many locations can I have?

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With Gobzi, you can sign up as many locations as you’d like for your business! In regards to subscription pricing, each location is billed independently. As of now Gobzi is 100% free but will require a subscription model within the next version of the platform to add more than one location.

Our subscriptions work this way because each location may have different promotions and content specified for a franchise of your business.

This helps you with customizability as well as give clarity to your customers by knowing exactly what and where everything is!

How do I know Gobzi is working for my business?

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Our insights page informs you of everything you need to know about how Gobzi is working for your business.

Within the insights page, you can directly see who and where your customers are coming from. This tells you how well Gobzi is at bringing your store more foot traffic!

Our insights will also let you know how many users your promotions have reached, as well as which ones were the most rewarding regarding their interaction with them.

How does my business stand out?

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There are many ways to make your business stand out from your competition on Gobzi. With our social platform, you can climb the ranks of the most popular posts in your city with the interactions of your customers and other Gobzi users.

Giving your customers the best service will always be in your favour by rewarding you with excellent reviews.

This allows Gobzi users to find your store based on the highest reviews in your city! For more information visit our More Connections page.

How do I get my business on Gobzi?

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Getting started on Gobzi is made to be very easy for you. In order to get your business on Gobzi, you must be a certified google business.

Once submitting an event/promotion on our platform a member from our team will reach out and confirm the event details.

The process of setting up your business account is cookie-cutter, and we just need to get to know you and your business a little more.

Begin the process by providing us with your business email on our waitlist, and we’ll reach out to you when it’s your time to shine!

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