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Gobzi has many easy-to-use features never seen before on any other platform! Everything is built for your convenience. Navigate all our unique features with just a few taps.

*All features will be available within the next version of the platform.*

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Built-in Uber Navigation

Don’t let a ride stop you from attending the latest social event in your area. Gobzi will get you there with our built-in Uber navigation. Link your Uber account and instantly connect to nearby drivers.

Save time
Easy to link
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Post-Top Events & Latest Promotions

Gobzi helps you achieve the advertising and customer acquisition you deserve more directly, at a much lower cost. The more people know about your business, the more customers you have! We got you covered.

Easy access
More engagement
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New Social Platform

Our social platform is built for you and your city. Filter through many unique topics to see exactly what you want. See something you’d want to try on your social page? You can actually go and get it! Switch between other cities around the world to see what they’re up to.

Personal Connections
User Friendly
Frictionless design
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What's Next in your area

Never miss a promotion from your favourite spots in the city! Our What’s Next page will ensure that any deals you’ve acquired are gathered for you to check out at any time. A new way to discover local businesses while saving on promotions!

Stay Informed
Save Money
Support Local
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Build your Business Page

Have all your promotions and deals easily accessible on your business profile. Never miss a customer, even if they don’t follow you!

Build Quickly
Seamless Posting
Increase Sales
Get Started
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