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Our Mission.

What drives the Gobzi team.

Our goal is to make it easier and more exciting for people around the world to go out and be busy!

We are also very focused on offering business owners a new platform that gives them the customer engagement they deserve at a low cost!

As founders, we have spent countless hours brainstorming, creating mockups, receiving feedback to better our upcoming platform, thinking of new ideas to implement, and the list goes on and on from there.

We feel that our brand and company goal is something extremely important in today's society to get people in various communities out there and connect. In terms of small business marketing, we want to be that helping hand to get their name out there and gain the recognition they deserve.

A huge factor that has been driving us with how to build Gobzi is the aftermath of COVID-19. We truly miss how easy it was to connect with others and we want Gobzi to be a means of encouragement for everyone to get back to living life outside of social media.

Excited to announce

150+ Londoners waiting to join our platform 🔥

We're very excited about making this project come to life in order to help you discover all kinds of restaurants, events, and promotions in your city!

The Gobzi Team

News and events

Why we do what we do.

Here at Gobzi we take pride in wanting to connect those around you and it is our goal to change the way people connect.

This past year has taken a toll on everyone's social life and we believe social engagement is a vital source of happiness. 

We are very lucky to have found the perfect group of talented individuals to enhance our productivity while also keeping things fun along the way.

This year we plan on acquiring over 350 local businesses on our platform to give Londoners the opportunity to explore & reimagine amazing your city. 

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