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Power your events and promotions with Gobzi so your business can get the attention it deserves!

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Engage your audience.

Explore a new way of getting the attention of customers within an app that spotlight's your events, promotions, and deals to everyone in your area.

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What we offer.

Gobzi helps small and large-scale businesses achieve the customer acquisition they deserve at a much lower cost.

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More connections.

Stay connected with your customers and all Gobzi users by interacting with your city through our social platform!

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A new approach to marketing your business


Current  Platforms

92% of people say current social media doesn't help them discover their city.


Available to Public

95% of people are ready to use Gobzi once it's publicly available.


Smart Maps 

91% of people find our Smart Maps feature extremely beneficial.


Everyday Use

96% of people would use Gobzi for their every day endeavours.

Gobzi is Where People Discover Their City

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Find more people in your city that share the same interests as you and connect!

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Use Gobzi's Smart Maps to find all kinds of hidden gems within your city.

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Gobzi makes it seamless to plan a fun-filled night out with your friends and family.

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Filter through all kinds of restaurant venues to satisfy your cravings at any time.

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